Moving House · The not-so-interesting stuff

And just like that, we’re back on Rightmove. 

Bet that caught your attention. 😉

I said I didn’t have a good feeling all along about our buyers and lo and behold I was right. Any other buyer, like we did, would quite easily be able to secure a mortgage with more than one company on hand to lend and whilst they’ve cited other reasons than ‘financial’ for pulling out, we’re hedging our bets that (because they insisted all along how much they loved the house) they’ve had difficulty securing an alternative mortgage based on what has cropped up over the last couple of weeks.

Their reason was apparently that they were worried about selling in the future based on the problem that I’m not yet mentioning in detail on here. If that is the case then, fair enough, I’d have probably done the same, but it’s also why, 1 year ago we made damn sure we’d dotted all our I’s and crossed all our T’s with the legal stuff, or so we thought at the time…! It’s like going to be the doctors, you have to trust what the professionals say as they know best, right?  Ok, I’ve lost faith in any medical professional as well as solicitors now so that’s not a great example, but my point is that we embarked on this house renovation journey with our eyes wide open and being quite clear that we wanted no surprises when we came to sell.

Without researching every single query response in forensic detail (I’m talking about the paperwork that was deemed acceptable but not queried by our previous solicitor), you can’t be expected to foresee these sorts of problems in the future. Isn’t that the solicitors job anyway? Unfortunately that one bit of paperwork has now caused us to be back on the market and left in a predicament where we could have the same problem again, take longer to sell and will quite likely need to find another place to buy. Thankfully we went with a no sale, no fee solicitor so we haven’t lost out on thousands (yet) but it’s enough for a mini-break that we just have to swallow. Such is life.

I’m a firm believer (and I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before on here), that everything happens for a reason. Whether the person we were buying off of will wait for us to secure another buyer, I doubt it, but we’ll see. If he doesn’t then we’ll just take it that maybe the place was going to be a pain to work with and expensive. We’re genuinely gutted as we’ve already invested time, money and effort into our visions and general solicitation of the purchase however, lesson learnt, moving on.


I’m a risk conscious person and everything has to be calculated (I don’t need to mention spreadsheets again nor the fact I underwrite for a living…), and it’s all the more important when we’re talking about 100’s of thousands on a house, so to be sat here typing this right now hurts. I’ve gone through all of the emotions (bar crying yet you’ll be surprised to hear), mostly feeling embarrassed and disappointed in myself that I didn’t spot it before we moved in, but who were we to know. We actually ended up doing most of our solicitors work anyway when we were buying the place. They didn’t spot or query a covenant and we had to investigate and note this to them ourselves plus take it further with the council direct as they didn’t use their initiative to do that and they didn’t do much advising looking back at the emails, just a button pusher middle-man. We should’ve seen it coming.  That’s what I keep telling myself. But, on paper, everything was fine at the time, even right the way through to the day before we were supposed to exchange a week ago.

If you can’t already tell, my mind keeps going round in circles like I’m on a bloody carousel, except there’s no sweet music, just the silence of a cold house that needs to be ‘prettified’ again for viewers. But, when my head does stop whirring for brief moments, I just keep reminding myself of the following and I think that the last point is massively important for everyone.  So here are my Saturday reflections:

  • It’s happened for a reason (aside from the obvious incompetence of a previous solicitor)
  • It might currently feel like a giant leap backwards and like we’re plummeting into a black hole, but it WILL all work out in the end. We’ll look back in many years and remember this. It’ll shape how we buy, sell, negotiations, investigations, our relationship and all sorts. If we can get through the highs and lows of everything that’s happened over the last year (I’ll cover that in my depressing belated 2017 post that I’ve avoided posting so far) and recently, we’re good.
  • It gives me the next few months to rest up properly without an excuse to DIY on one leg!
  • We have actually achieved a massive amount in the last year and transformed somewhere (yes it might cost us in the long term and be a massive lesson learnt but that’s not the point. See the positives).
  • We can put our energy into other things for a short time like wedding planning, getting my foot better, saving some money, paying off credit cards rather than rolling them over to a new house, maybe take some time out and holiday.
  • Just appreciate that we are still very lucky to live in a house in a beautiful area, with a roof over our heads and food in the cupboard.
  • We just have to be happy with ourselves, the decisions we make and the paths we take.  Whatever anyone else thinks, or what you think they are thinking  or saying (“knew it wouldn’t be plain sailing for them”, “too good to be true”, “they took too much on their plate”, “I did say”, “I did think” – these are all devils in my head at the moment) you have to ignore it all.

My mind has been going all over the shop today (think I’ve used all of the analogies I can in this blog to say that!) and I have contemplated just becoming a recluse/ avoiding the subject or pretending everything was plain sailing with the house for the next few weeks (I know, what an idiot if I actually did do that), but I just have to keep telling myself that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.  It’s natural to feel everything I’ve already said and contemplating other people’s judgements won’t help the situation or your mindset.  We just need a good night sleep, a bit more perseverance but most importantly, smiles and laughter to get us through, not sobs and mind games.

So on that note, we’re ordering a pizza and cheers’ing with a rather large glass of wine to the next few months of fun.  Sorry for the sarcasm but that’s all I’ve got right now.  Positive Mental Attitude people, PMA!




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