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Back on track (for now)

The long and the short of it is that we’ve been given 10 weeks before the seller of the ‘new place’ reviews the situation. That means that if we don’t make some damn good progress, or exchange in 10 weeks, we’ll most definitely lose it. It’s bound to take a little longer as there are 4 in the chain now, woop de doop, and we have no influence over our buyers buyer (if that makes sense?). But the estate agent managing the ‘new place’ transaction is on everybody’s case, including our buyers buyers solicitor. There’s a sense of urgency (finally), and with multiple people chasing, we might actually get somewhere a bit quicker than normal.

I started writing this post yesterday and I wrote that is be more reassured once we get passed the survey and valuation stage,so until then I’m on tenterhooks. Well, a homebuyer survey is already booked in for next Monday so fingers crossed we don’t get many questions out or that, or at least none we haven’t already answered or can’t answer quickly. But the bigger and better news is that there won’t be another survey because our buyer is taking a lower mortgage and the lender has been satisfied with just a desktop survey and valuation. Happy days!

So, only one survey to get through and probably (and hopefully only a few ) questions.

It gives me some comfort that we had a full building survey done when we first moved in and this was for two reasons 1) to make sure we weren’t letting ourselves in for more costly problems (I know you can’t plan for everything and we did have to spend more on some elements of refurb than we’d expected, but it gives you more peace of mind than blindly whacking a few hundred thousand down on some bricks and mortar. 2) to give us peace of mind when we sold, any issues that arose during future surveys or queries from solicitors could easily be answered.

We know the house isn’t perfect, I don’t think any house ever is, even (actually, especially) new builds. There’s always a soffit board that ‘might’ need replacing in the long term, or a roof with some moss that surveyors will err on the side of caution about, but we were aware of the ‘minor imperfections’ when we purchased the house and we wouldn’t have done so unless they were immaterial to the structural integrity and habitability of the house (I mean that the house is solid, structurally sound, water tight, no drainage issues, no mound or damp problem, the boiler was recently serviced and relatively new and it’s a comfortable home).

It’s always a learning curve but I’m hoping we are sufficiently organised that we aren’t faced with any more surprises. I think I’ll question why we ever bothered if there are; I’m not expecting an easy ride this time either but someone give me some faith please that it can’t go tits up AGAIN?

On that lovely positive note, happy Friday!


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