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One year anniversary

I took this photo as we were driving into our new village. One year ago.


A couple of weeks later and I started writing this blog and looking back, we’ve learnt a lot over the past 365 days! How to plane doors & fit them, how to cut coving, cap off water supplies, re-fit a kitchen, lay flooring, re-wire a ceiling rose light, plastering & more. I’m pretty sure if you gave me a Wickes flat pack unit I could have it together in about 5 minutes. We’ve learnt how to work with each other, as a team (most of the time, my way 😉) and how to deal with each other under immense stress and pressure. Even Toms parents saw the crazy Hayley side I wish they’d never seen.  But we both agree that despite the glass half empty times (which are inevitable when you have to live out of boxes, shower at the gym for a month and use camping chairs as a sofa), we actually massively enjoyed the project and would do it again, which is just as well as we’re hopefully moving on to a total wreck in the next few months.  Whilst I can definitely wait to move back to living in a building site, I can’t wait to get stuck back into it all, on one leg of course.

The saying goes that a picture is worth a 1000 words, so without re-writing my way through the last year and all of the memories, today’s anniversary post is a picture diary.  50 photos that sum up the last year quite well.  They don’t include the finished rooms or before and after photos, you can find them here, here, here and here and on my youtube.  I’ll also be sharing another of our transformation videos next week, so watch out for that.

Here’s to the next year of DIY! x



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