Moving House · The not-so-interesting stuff

Generic Life Update

I’ll keep this short as I’m currently sat at Heathrow Airport awaiting my gate details as I’m off on a business trip for the week.


34 days and definitely counting.  My consultant helped me get the right level of cushioning in the right place under my foot (via WhatsApp brilliantly!), but I’m still having good and bad days where it feels comfortable and then not so / incredible pain.  I’m not sure if the pain is actually under the foot where it was when I was putting pressure on it (I don’t think it can be as I’m not putting any pressure on it), I think it might be the boot pressing down on it, but either way it’s not pleasant.  I’m taking each day as it comes and trying to be as positive as possible.

‘Other’ general life update 

The nosebleeds appear to have stopped.  (I’ve probably just jinxed that, but we’ll see).

Last weekend we took a spontaneous trip around the south west to Stonehenge (one of those places I’ve driven past but never actually stopped at), Bath and the Cotswolds.  It was great and just what I needed, minus the impracticalities of Stonehenge and the Roman Baths on crutches and wrist pain that I was left with for the next 4 days.  I think Tom would say the highlight was definitely the 2 queue jumps we managed at the Roman Baths by me hobbling up to the security guard and questioning politely “Is that where we have to queue”? I think Tom’s words were, ‘finally, your foot injury comes in use’.

I’m still managing to go to the gym (albeit only once a week as I can’t drive and other times haven’t worked out), but I’ve also devised some home workouts which I’m trying to stick to.  My biggest fear of the airboat for 3 months was lack of cardio I can do but I’m doing as much as I can without pushing it so fingers crossed it keeps me from ballooning.

And the only one that you’re probably actually interested in,

The House:

Without also jinxing this, the house sale is progressing well.  Everything with the purchase is tied off and we’re ready to go and with the sale we’re just waiting on one or two final queries to be answered and the rest of the chain their end to be ready.  We’ve been told that there’s some time pressure from the bottom of the chain as they have to renew parking permits by mid-March, so we’re all poised for a end of Feb/early March exchange but, I’ve not got my hopes up.  We’re just taking each day as it comes and if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

So, either in 2 weeks I’ll be writing positively, or you won’t hear from me for another two ;).  x



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