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Red, Amber, Green, Red?

Ever get the feeling you’re on a different planet to everyone else around you? The feeling that the devil’s on your shoulder pestering you and you don’t know why. The same feeling you get as a kid when your parents question if you’ve been good enough not to get coal from Father Christmas that year. Why oh why. What have we done? (Someone give me a hint?)

Genuinely, I have no idea what we’ve done to deserve this (thanks, fate), but for the second time in one month we are sat here questioning if it’ll ever go through (mostly so that we don’t lose money and so I can start to post some half interesting blogs). Also truly hoping that this is all our bad luck out of the way for a few years, house wise.

Last week I think I mentioned in my brief airport rant that we were waiting on a final few questions to be answered and we were all ready to go after. There was pressure from the bottom of the chain to complete before 10th March for parking permit reasons and we are obviously keen but, not being so cynical anymore we kept saying, ‘yea right’, ‘I’ll believe it when it happens’ etc…

Sadly we were then led down another path of mis-communication and dishonesty and it was only this afternoon after we’d daftly pumped our hopes back up to cloud 9 (and about 30 seconds after I’d re-booked our removals company for the 10th time. They literally must hate me) that we were informed that actually there was a hold up with…. wait for it…… the first time buyers mortgage at the bottom of the chain (2 below us).

We couldn’t believe it. Literally the same issue that cost us our previous sale and almost cost us the ‘new place’. I think it’s safe to say that even a raging T-Rex that hasn’t eaten months wouldn’t have as much steam coming out of it’s ears as Tom and I this afternoon.

The issue only arose when everyone confirmed they were ready to exchange, bar the bottom of the chain and that’s what frustrates me the most. Everyone tiptoes around with their own problems but doesn’t communicate until it’s too late and either they’re found out or they have no other choice but to fess up.

So, where are we now? Well everyone still seems very confident that we could still pull off a Friday exchange (or early next week), as it’s only some documentation that needs signing, but who are we kidding? It’ll be at least a week…

In other news we’ve also felt the brunt of the beast from the east, Storm Emma (jokes.).  The pathetic dusting of snow really is just adding insult to injury…


Yes, that’s also a frozen towel (not the Disney movie) on the path. I have no intentions of moving it and haven’t for the last few days #noshame #livinginapigsty.

Don’t worry though we’re ok over here with our pints of wine to see us through (second choice to just sharing the bottle with a straw, but we’ve already packed the straws…).

🙂 x


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