Moving House · The not-so-interesting stuff

Laughing out loud…

***Disclaimer: I meant to post this almost a week ago but I’m a crappy blogger so I drafted it and forgot to hit publish! So, this is about 5 days out of date but still relevant, hence the post.***

You’ve got to give them all credit – solicitors / the bottom of our chain (in our case), all of the house move ‘makers’ … they put on a great show.  One minute you’re all ‘ooo the suspense’ (waiting for paperwork like the Searches and what they will say), the next minute you’re calm and content (the queries have been finalised and everyone is supposedly plodding along well in the chain), then you’re excited because the show’s reaching it’s climax (I.e. exchange then completion), or should I say anti-climax because suddenly you find yourself hating all of the showmen & women and you’re frustrated the that plot keeps taking unnecessary twists and turns without reaching the end!

I’m laughing not crying about the situation because re-reading my last blog post, we were hoping to be moving tomorrow and low and behold, we won’t be.  We saw that one coming.  Or did we?

The last week has involved a catalogue of yes, maybe and no’s and once again I’ve had to let our removals company down (I must be their most hated customer now).  We’re not jumping the gun with our planning, we’ve been communicated to saying that everything is ready to exchange on X day, then X day etc… and because our chain want to move quickly after Exchange to Completion, we can’t just sit back and wait for exchange to happen before worrying about anything else.  We have been planning weekends around needing to potentially pack the house up and the later we get into March, the busier we get with work and other commitments, so to be sat here now having been told one thing several times and then now be no further on, it’s ridiculous but laughable.

It’s a good job we have no idea who the bottom of the chain or their solicitors, nor who was actually at the heart of pressing the ‘Go’ button 2 weeks ago, when clearly that was  impossible, as… I actually don’t know what I would say but it wouldn’t be pleasant.  If you’ve been through this before, you’ll sympathise.

Trying to see the positive in all of this, at least it gives an extra couple of weeks for me to sit around and completely rest my foot.  It’s been 50 days of air-boot fun now which is almost as long as it’s taken to get to this point from re-selling the house again.

***Disclaimer cont… So, that was the situation as at last Wednesday.  Almost a week on and we got some form of closure on the reasoning behind the delay and ‘confirmation’ that we’re progressing to exchange this week.  Today, we’ve had some emails back and forth but no green light from all parties yet.  We’ve been told that it’ll be tomorrow and I’m in meetings most of the day so I’m leaving it in Tom’s capable hands.  Fingers crossed!***



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