Moving House


Well ‘we’ didn’t do anything, we’ve been ready for weeks but, after threatening to pull out yesterday and giving a final 5pm deadline (it was risky but it paid off! Phew) suddenly someone at the bottom of the chain finally pulled their finger out of their you know and we exchanged at about 3:30pm. We ACTUALLY exchanged.

After yet another delay, apparently due to an ID check, we were beginning to lose all hope by Tuesday evening. I’m not sure that the bottom of the chain really got that we needed to exchange quickly. I think they thought we had a few more days and it wasn’t high priority because we aren’t completing for another week and a half. Who knows.

That all aside now, I’m not done completely worrying, now there’s a whole heap of other things that could go wrong (I’m feeling more glass half empty today, so here goes with it all…):

– there’s still risks with pre-completion and completion but we should have sufficient time to avoid any monsters.

– we are now bound to whatever the hell the ‘new place’ has to offer up.  Unexposed dry rot, complications with extending planning permission, old heating systems and the whole ‘unknown’ costly shabang that comes with buying an older and not very well kept property.

– Not forgetting #footgate. I have 3 (ish) weeks left wearing my airboot and even then I don’t know if it will have worked and even if it has, I have the fun of dealing with the NHS and a lot of physiotherapy and rehab ahead. It’s not a quick (or cheap) fix and I won’t be doing any heavy DIY for a while. Bad news for Tom as it probably means I’ll be going full on boss on him.

– we need to change our car, ideally within the next week or 2. Not like that’s a) cheap or b) easy to do!

Despite all of that, my worry at the moment is generally more of a nervous sense of excitement. I’m still up and down more than a yo-yo and even yesterday, a crappy day and foot pain clouded the positive exchange and I felt utterly low.  Maybe it was not quite being able to take in that we’d exchanged or just a low moment of calm after so many weeks of stress, but it is exciting and I will finally get to blog about renovating again. This time, bigger and better!

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to share the final transformation videos and will keep you posted on our move as we say goodbye to our little box in Oxfordshire and tick off another county, heading into Berkshire. (Our plan was never to move to a different county each time. Maybe we will settle, one day!).

Ps: thank you to friends and family for your support in this stressful move! Fingers crossed that’s our run of bad luck for a while x


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