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Project 1…Bathroom transformation video

This week flew by. I meant to post the final few of the transformation videos from our current home but I was away with work for 3 days and didn’t have time to upload nor the energy to write a blog to go alongside (I’d rather be honest with you!). 

Now we’ve got under 24 hours until the removals team arrive and we start emptying the house. We still have our bedroom and the kitchen to finish off packing in the house as well as a whole host of other jobs… (wish us luck).


Combine all of that with not feeling 100%, it’s going to be a challenging day!!

So, whilst Tom is off at the dump yard getting rid of the shed clearlit crap we identified and before we completely run out of time and effort, I’m going to have some lunch and do one of the more mundane jobs I can still do when I’m half asleep and have a headache, redirecting our post! We don’t pay to redirect our post, inevitably someone will still have our current details and post will get sent here but we have a list (obviously another spreadsheet) of all of the important banks & companies etc… that we need to tell we’re moving and that’s what matters. It doesn’t take long to change addresses online so that’s what I’m going to finish off now.

I’ll leave you with the link to the transformation video of the bathroom which you can watch here and will share the final few soon.


Looking back at just one room start to finish is getting me excited about starting work at the new place now but I am definitely going to miss having a decent shower again!  Both houses we have lived in together haven’t had decent showers when we lived in and we made it a priority to install them but it’s not a quick fix! Safe to say I’ll be taking an hour long shower later or tomorrow morning to make the most of it before we go back to a hand held no-power bath shower! 🙂



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