Moving House

And we’re in!

Project#2 can begin!

Yesterday went as smooth as I was expecting and we were shattered by the end of the day.  In a snapshot…

The removals company turned up at just gone 9am and we had two of the same guys that helped move us last time so they were surprised to see the house had changed quite a bit.  We’ve used Anna T Removals twice now and both times they’ve been great and we’d highly recommend them to anyone in the Reading area.  Martin put up with us being absolute nightmares, changing the date several times after everything went wrong but we finally got a date that worked for both of us as we wanted to use them again.  The guys that turned up (we had 3 to move us from a 3 bed house) were chatty and a good laugh, but got on with the job and I completely trusted them to move our life from one set of walls to another.  When they turned up I asked if I could timelapse them loading the van and they were absolutely fine with it.  One of them joked that was I doing this so I could see how they loaded the van and do it myself next time.  Let me make this clear, after moving twice I would NEVER do it ourselves.  It’s definitely a skill loading the van (and in a way that you don’t break anything) and I wouldn’t ever like to play a time-limited game of tetris that could be very expensive if you don’t finish on time/ that I’ve never played before (alongside having to haul everything from the house to the van and dismantle furniture.  No thank you).  The long and the short of it is that it is the best money we’ve spent moving house and probably always will be.

We left our old house at about 12:45pm, posting the last key through the letterbox and waving goodbye to our first proper project.  That felt good!  We liked that house, but we didn’t love it and we never intended to love it, even after it was refurbished.  To drive away from it for the last time was weird but amazing.  To know that in just over a year, we’d gutted a house, fitted out a new bathroom and kitchen, created a driveway, still had a life, been on holiday, got engaged(!) and made enough to make it worth it.  Yes, obviously the plan was always to earn something back, but you have to weigh it up, effort vs. reward and this one paid off.  And in addition, we still actually like each other and enjoyed all most of the DIY itself.  So, job well done and onto Project #2…

There was a brief moment of panic from me when at 1:15 we still hadn’t heard anything about completion on the property we were buying.  We’d sold our old one and left it behind so were technically homeless and this hadn’t happened to us before.  Previously, there were only 3 in the chain and it was confirmed that both sides had completed (aka monies received) at the same time, before we’d left the house).  This time, we sat in the Co-op car park eating meal deals and waiting anxiously for an email to say we could collect the keys.  As we started to drive over to the new house, thankfully the email came through.

After picking up the keys and a padlock for the shed, we had about 10 minutes to familiarise ourselves again with the monstrosity that we’d just bought.  The monstrosity also includes the shed which came with a couple of incinerators, lots of paint pots, plastic chairs, old lawnmowers etc… Lots of crap basically (at least we have some incinerators to burn it in!).  Tom also told me that when he visited a week ago (pre-exchange), he noticed some old carpet had been left in the shed.  Note, again… he told me that there was ‘some’, ‘not much’, carpet.  So I was surprised to see essentially someone’s house load of carpet stuffed into the shed.  We’d agreed to buy the house in it’s current state and in the grand scheme of things it’s not the biggest problem but it does mean that we are also left with two fridge freezers, two ovens and two washing machines.  Tom’s first job yesterday was then to do 2 tip runs to get rid of said carpet whilst I sat and directed boxes into the house when the removals turned up.  The guys must have hated me by the end as most of our stuff has been stored in the top room (2 flights of stairs up) as it’s the room that’s going to be least affected by all of the work we have planned shortly.  They would bring a box in and ask where to and I would just quietly say ‘top room please’. We all laughed, but they were the ones doing the heavy lifting so I hope they’re not feeling it today!

We ended the day by heading to one of our new locals, the Coppa Club for dinner. We were sat by the window overlooking the Thames but the table was wobbly so we got moved to the one behind which weirdly was the exact table we sat at a couple of years ago when we went out for an afternoon to talk about house renovating.

We weren’t familiar with the area at the time so I find it really strange that somehow we’ve ended up buying a house in the village. Isn’t it funny how these things pan out?!


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