DIY · Moving House

Patience is a virtue

One week and two days in and it’s starting to feel like home. I already love this house and all of it’s character. The amount of work that needs doing to get it to perfection does scare me but the more I hobble around the house, the more I keep seeing – unusual features and hidden quirks. There’s definitely some odd stuff which has been added over the years like the steel splashback in the kitchen, some pipes that lead to nowhere in the bathroom and lots of random unconnected tv socket points, but I’m really starting to picture what it’ll look like by the end of the year (bar the extension!) and I can’t wait to get started properly.

The main difference with this house opposed to the last is that we can’t get stuck in straight away. Last year we started stripping wallpaper, ripping out wood panelling and sledgehammering bricks on the first weekend. This time, we’re over a week in and all we’ve done is strip half a room of wallpaper and cleared the front garden back to soil and that’s pretty much all we can do for 4-6 week’s longer. I’m itching to get on with some proper DIY but we just have to be patient with this one (plus I’m still definitely injured and can only do so much DIY sat down…)

We’re in the process of finalising quotes with contractors for the damp remediation, electrical re-wiring and plastering and the we’ve placed the order for the windows and doors so I guess we have done something but nothing that will change the appearance of the interior for the better.

That’s another point I want to get off my chest – we are going to have some beautiful new double glazed but ‘in keeping’ with the rest of the street windows and new doors installed at the front of the house. They themselves cost an arm and a leg but we’re shelling out £1000’s more on remediating the damp in the basement, fully re-wiring the house and plastering almost every wall so it looks new. All of this, no one will ever ‘see’ but they’re works that need to be done so we don’t have a choice. We knew this when we moved in and obviously having a habitable basement and safe / functional electrics will add value, as will the appearance of the house when it’s tarted up with the windows, doors, a bit of paint and some new render. But, we’ll spending near enough double what we spent renovating our previous house in its entirety, just on these ‘invisible’ works. Gulp.

So if you visit once these works have been done or when I share the ‘after’ photos, can you pretty please make a point to comment on how great the lighting is, how well the sockets charge your phone, how nice the walls look and how functional the basement is? 😉 It’ll make spending all of this money seem worth it! 🙂

Finally, we’re settling in to a proper village lifestyle and have made two trips to our local pub (walking distance – hurrah!) over the Easter weekend AND we’ve just found out that the village hosts a bi-annual scarecrow show and it’s happening this May. So, anyone fancy helping us build one?! Tom wants to make Ronaldo (World Cup related as well)… mmm. Other suggestions welcome!!



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