It’s here…

So, before we start our (hopefully final) weekend of snagging jobs, I’ve finished piecing together the transformation video of our living room/dining room and am ready to share it! We recorded a lot of the DIY we’ve been doing over the past few months.  From the moment we stepped over the threshold of our house,… Continue reading It’s here…

Selling your home – The beginning

We’ve started the process and, whilst we haven’t quite finished the house as I mentioned before, I’m glad we’re getting the ball rolling, else we might never. Selling any home is pretty stressful and time consuming (in the UK at least!), so sometimes just getting started is the toughest bit.  Last week I requested valuations… Continue reading Selling your home – The beginning

Can I bottle this moment?

I’m not one for PDA, soppy social media statuses or generally sharing my relationship emotions, highs and lows, but after the weekend we’ve just had, my heart is so full and I just feel so happy so this blog post is mostly going to capture that! Don’t worry, obviously there was still some DIY involved… Continue reading Can I bottle this moment?

That’s a wrap!

We’ve bought the last of our DIY required materials, one large pot of Cuprinol Ducksback Silver Copse (to fix the fence situation) and there’s just the final updating of the spreadsheet to do now, before we can total up and compare against our budget (not sure if I’m looking forward to that yet or not..).… Continue reading That’s a wrap!

The most productive day

I genuinely can’t think of a day where we’ve been so productive in the house. It probably wasn’t actually the most productive day, but yesterday it felt like it was because we actually finished some rooms! After forcing Tom out of bed at 8am (that’s a lie in, he can’t complain!), we set to work… Continue reading The most productive day

Toms found his calling in life

Carpentry. Well so he tells me. Maybe not the delicate side of carpentry, but definitely cutting and planing wood and getting it right. Yes, I’ll admit he’s been pretty handy recently with the planer, our new jigsaw and the mitre box. He won’t let me, or anyone else for that matter, forget that he’s the… Continue reading Toms found his calling in life