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Go go go

After the perfect Friday evening sipping mulled wine, exchanging Christmas presents and playing board games with my girl friends (we are so mature grown up old!), on Saturday we went to visit the new house again.  I feel comfortable enough through the process now to call it ‘the next one’, ‘project 2’ or whatever else that insinuates… Continue reading Go go go

The not-so-interesting stuff


Clicking that button on this site has just been a struggle for me the past couple of weeks, hence the radio silence.  Even opening notes on my phone to jot down some house thoughts or just anything, hasn’t happened.  Until now, to state the obvious. Why? I can’t put my finger on it but it’s… Continue reading Write.

Moving House

Solicitors, Surveys and Santa

I’m not going to lie, this week’s been a bit of a rollercoaster.  Not least kick-starting the sale and purchase process with solicitors, or having a building survey undertaken of the new house (and positively sh*tting my pants about it), I also had a follow up chat with my consultant and it doesn’t seem that… Continue reading Solicitors, Surveys and Santa

Moving House

Weekend turnaround

Just like that and literally overnight, it seems that situations can turn themselves around.  Financial situations to the tune of £5,000 and not being so far away from purchasing the Mayfair of the monopoly board in our case. After putting the idea of getting ‘that house’ to bed on Friday, we woke Saturday ready to… Continue reading Weekend turnaround

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Eugh. Bleugh. Yuk. No. Go away.

I’ll apologise in advance but this isn’t going to be a very positive, motivational blog, so if that’s what you were expecting can I suggest you press the back button and go elsewhere this week. As I type this I’m listening to “The Stress Buster” playlist.  Oh yes, it’s that bad I had to google… Continue reading Eugh. Bleugh. Yuk. No. Go away.

Moving House

Back-to-back house hunting

Today has mostly been a lazy day of doing sweet nothing.  I hate doing nothing, but given the situation with #footgate and lack of DIY, we’re back to basically being a normal couple, enjoying normal weekends.  This weekend however, we haven’t caught up with any friends or family but instead, drank champagne on our own… Continue reading Back-to-back house hunting


Got my DIY fix 🙂

Even though I’m resigned to sitting a lot because of what I’m calling #footgate, I still got my DIY fix last weekend. After travelling down to Bournemouth after the house viewing on Friday and a yummy brunch catch up with friends on Saturday morning, we popped over to Toms brothers new place to be nosey… Continue reading Got my DIY fix 🙂